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Happy’s plans to get creative with ways we can get viewers of all ages more interested in sports.  


Happy’s Pick 6:

On select days, customers will get the chance to participate in the Happy’s Parlay Challenge.  All you have to do is get to Happy’s before the challenge starts and make your 6 sports picks for the day.  If all 6 are correct, we will take up to $250 off your tab!! 

Happy's Bet of the Week:

There will be a Happy’s Bet of the Week that anyone who comes that week spends $20 or more will get a “Happys Pickem Ticket”. Whoever has the most consecutive correct picks in a row will win our Happy’s VIP Membership status ($5,000 in value!!!) the following year. But be careful!! If you decide to continue to increase your streak, one wrong pick and you are back to 0!

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