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Happy's General Manager

This role is responsible for managing daily operations at Happy's Sports Lounge. This role will be responsible for recruiting, hiring and training and managing all bar and kitchen staff including scheduling, monitoring daily cash, revenue, inventory, and orders. Additionally, this role will manage sales, food, liquor, beverage, and labor costs and will maintain compliance with regulations and mandates involving the service of alcohol and food preparation and safety.

Happy's Bartender

Bartenders primarily work behind the bar, taking orders from patrons and preparing drinks. They should be well-versed in wines, beers, and liquors, as well as how to mix various cocktails and other drinks. The bartender also keeps the bar area clean, restocks drinks, replenishes bar snacks, keeps a supply inventory, and ensures that all bar equipment is in working order. This position requires extensive knowledge of beers, wines, and liquors, as well as exceptional customer service skills to interact with patrons.

Happy's Caddie
(Customer Service/Server)

This job requires a great deal of customer service and looking for people with a positive personality. You will be the first impression for Happy's Sports Lounge! Job will have a wide range of responsibilities that include greeting customers at the front door, helping them get set up at a golf bay, serving food/drinks, answering the phone, etc.

Grounds Crew
(Bar Back/Security)

This job will entail a wide range of responsibilities and will be hourly. Almost all duties involve keeping Happy's in top shape during operations. This includes items like refilling ice/supplies for bartenders, disposing of trashing, making sure customers abide by our rules, moving tables/chairs, helping band set up, etc.

Happy's Sports Lounge is an equal opportunity employer, looking for team members with a friendly smile and a cheerful customer service attitude to set the tone for our guests to enjoy their Happy's experience with us.

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