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DuckPin Social


Duckpin Social is a new take on Duckpin Bowling, a ten-pin game popular throughout Canada and the Northeastern United States for more than a century. Duckpin Social bowlers use a smaller sized ball, without finger holes and each player is allowed up to three rolls per frame. Duckpin Bowling is easier and more approachable than traditional bowling. Like bowling, Duckpin Social appeals to all age groups and we believe it will be a hit here at Happy’s Sports Lounge!


Happy’s has decided to team up with Brunswick and offer a different form of bowling for our customers.  As the leader in bowling for more than 125 years, Brunswick challenged themselves to rethink our beloved game to make it even more accessible. Introducing Duckpin Social®, the brand-new amenity that delivers all the advantages of bowling in far less space, making it ideal for social clubs, bars, restaurants, resorts and hotels.

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